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You start a small business and you hire a few people and you pay them as little as you can. You start making some money and you still pay the employees as little as you can. If they show up late, you chew them out and you don't want to hear any excuses. Some of them quit and you hire some more. You don't miss the ones who leave. You tell yourself that's the nature of entry-level employment. You tell yourself it's hard finding good help these days. Not if you're Leroy. His business is cutting hair, and you can walk in anytime and you'll see a dozen chairs and a dozen clippers whirring. But look closer, and you find that these employees aren't just cutting hair, they're straightening their lives out. Yeah, some of them may have rap sheets, but at Leroy's clip joint, they're straight and they'll stay straight. What's more, they like their boss. He ain't like the other bosses. He wants to make money, but he also wants them to make money. He's tough on them, but he cares about them. And it makes for a place where employees stay. A happy workplace. Now, what could be better than that?
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