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No Coast Skateboards

Now in its third year of existence and newly relocated to Morganford Road in the Bevo neighborhood, No Coast Skateboards continues to be a visible leader in St. Louis' skateboarding scene. The shop hasn't changed much since its move from the Grove — a few racks of clothing, locally pressed decks and an in-store half-pipe remain intact, but one thing is dramatically different. If that half-pipe is not enough to test out your new gear, why not walk 25 feet down the sidewalk and try it out on the Peter Mathews Memorial Skate Garden? St. Louis' first legal skate spot broke ground in spring of this year, led by the group Kingshighway Vigilante Transitions, whose ingenuity in building a not-so-legal park under the Kingshighway bridge at Bischoff Avenue so impressed city officials that they were approved and aided in building the 14,000-square-foot haven for skaters. Bryan Bedwell, chairman of the board of directors for KHVT, is also the owner of No Coast. Stop by the shop and thank him for all of his hard work in making St. Louis such a skate-friendly town.

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