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Plan Nine

Skate shops, much like the punk bands their clientele shred to on their iPods, tend to grow out of a DIY aesthetic. Most come from humble beginnings and are forced to embrace the business side of things as their reputation and demand increase. This, of course, is where most fail. Luckily, this has not been the fate of Plan Nine. Not only has the small chain flourished like salmon in the Atlantic, but they've done so in — of all places — the shallow pond of local mainstream malls. Unlike the typical emporia that inhabit these sterile monstrosities of commerce, Plan Nine maintains and proudly displays a fervor for its work. These are extreme sports equipment stores run by extreme sportsmen for extreme sporters. Nothing extreme conceptually, but Plan Nine has wonderfully created its own niche by offering products fueled by personal passion in the most impersonal of atmospheres.

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