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Soka Skate

Skating trends may come and go, but not only has Soka lasted eleven years in the business, it's even opened a second location in O'Fallon. "Fashion is a big part of skating now," admits Gabe, who holds down the Manchester store. So Soka's got the shirts, pants, belts, shoes and helmets to help you look the part. You say you wanna actually skate the part? You're going to need info from the most reliable of sources: Gabe and the other skatecentric salespeople'll talk wheels, trucks and bearings till your scabs heal over; they'll parse every heelflip of every hot video; and they'll coax out your inner Andrew Reynolds, Eric Ellington or Jim Greco by extolling the virtues of the Baker brand, Soka's top-selling deck. All this, plus the annual SOKAFest, where extreme skating and extreme ska/punk meet extreme civic pride.
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