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Infinity Skate Shop

It's a well-known scientific fact that skaters are genetically opposed to marketing. So how does an enterprising pair of skaters get the word out about their shop? "It's mainly word of mouth," says 25-year-old Infinity Skate Shop co-owner Jason Ebenrick. "If they hear about you on the radio, they think you're a sellout. You lose your cred." And so through sponsoring events, promotions and the unlikely skater grapevine, the owners of Infinity have been grinding out a living for the past five years. "From what I hear, this shop couldn't support a family," says Ebenrick. "But we're young." Tucked away in an unassuming strip mall, the shop carries a fine selection of decks (American maple -- not that flimsy Chinese stuff), trucks, wheels, bushings and other de rigueur skating accessories. It may be a long ride away, but those in the know point their boards south, and push.
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