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Altered Skates

Glen Stallings' Altered Skates has been a fixture on Delmar for sixteen years now -- a lifetime in skate years. He has weathered the longest drought in skate history and survived the enormous mid-'90s boom in skateboarding's popularity, what with the X Games and the online superstores. Both want and surfeit have taught him how to run his shop in a bare-bones manner that dovetails nicely with Glen's "no bullshit" personality. Altered stocks all the necessities for skaters, with none of the frills. "Skate lifestyle" items -- watches, sunglasses, wall clocks, fashionable but non-skateable clothing -- are seldom to be found at Altered. Instead, Glen and his small but knowledgeable staff carry decks from the finer companies (Anti-Hero, Black Label, Alva), a vast assortment of trucks and bearings and a modest selection of T-shirts and shoes. Every summer they order longboards for the old guys, every winter they stock up on decks for the little guys and in between they provide a consistently high-quality selection for the needy skater. Altered Skates has done more to keep skaters rolling than anyone else in the city. Keep on keep on keep on, Glen.
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