Best Side Project

The High Dives

For multi-band veterans like Marc Chechik and Kip Loui, it's a challenge to define where the side project begins and the primary project ends. With Melody Den, Diesel Island, the Transmitters and more, the two have been fixtures in St. Louis bars since the '80s. Filled out by JJ Loui and percussionist Bill Yaeger, the High Dives specialize in familiar and surprising covers drawn from the American songbook, with an emphasis on country and blues-based rock and pop. Chechik, one of St. Louis' most underrated guitarists, tosses off licks like he couldn't care less if they're gems, and Kip and JJ's voices blend like they're siblings rather than a married couple. The High Dives isn't charting new musical territory; it's just showing you how the familiar roads should be driven.

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