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"Pangea" is the name of the ancient landmass formed before the seven continents drifted apart millions of years ago. It seems like it's been almost as long since the seven-emcee hip-hop supergroup of the same name formed in St. Louis. Like its prehistoric equivalent, the group drifted apart, leaving just two supremely talented members: Rockwell Knuckles and Wafeek. The former still reps the 314, while the latter is busy making waves (and dope albums) out on the West Coast. In its spare time, the duo trades tongue-twisting rhymes over the sickest beats since the Jurassic era. We're talking dinosaurs, not Jurassic 5. Pangea has never officially released an album (though Web-savvy listeners can find a stray track or three), so the project has an almost mythical quality. But here's hoping the dynamic duo puts out a collection of new material sometime this millennium.

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