Best Shortcut

Forest Park Expressway

Is it a highway? A glorified road? Nobody seems to know. Maybe it's a video game. From the I-170 exit, you hop on the Forest Park Expressway, and you're zooming along, feeling very interstate-ish, when you come to a -- STOP! -- red light. That's right -- the speed limit varies, but it's never 55, despite the misguided people passing you. Soon the expressway metamorphoses again, becoming plain old Millbrook Road, but it's too much of a subtlety for some drivers, who continue their blind zooming. We hit Skinker and are now in the city limits, where the Forest Park Expressway gets neat again. This is probably what Route 66 was like, a slender two-lane highway winding its way to an urban conclusion. Wow, we pass through an actual tunnel, a rarity in St. Louis; we wish it would never end. OK, here's our exit -- all of a sudden (swerve!) -- Kingshighway. For east-to-west action (or vice versa), we believe the Forest Park Expressway can't be beat. It's a shortcut that goes a long way to get you there faster. Just don't expect a smooth ride.
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