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Giovanni's Kitchen

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The Giovanni clan opened Giovanni's Kitchen to be a more casual, contemporary version of their fine-dining Hill neighborhood flagship. But don't let the lack of tuxes and tableside flambé fool you: The service at Giovanni's Kitchen is every bit as accommodating as at a four-star restaurant. From the minute you walk in the door, servers, bussers and hosts stand at attention, waiting to whisk you off to your table as if you were a celebrated regular. Did your napkin fall out of your lap? Chances are someone is there with a replacement before it has hit the ground. Your water glass will never be more than a quarter empty, and if you try to pour your own wine, your server may take it as an affront. The style is polished and professional but never stuffy. And though it isn't a family restaurant per se, the staff will go out of its way to accommodate your little bambino. It may be the newest member of the Giovanni restaurant family, but this service is decidedly old-school. 8831 Ladue Road, Ladue, 63124. 314-721-4100,
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