Best Service in a Restaurant

Grace Hart, Server

Grace Hart doesn't let her tables get away without trying the kale, smoked bacon and artichoke dip at the Restaurant at the Cheshire. This alone makes her worthy of a medal, but it's only part of her charm. Her poise, command and genuine commitment to hospitality make her the embodiment of who you want taking care of you when you go out to eat. Hart knows the Restaurant at the Cheshire's menu and wine list inside and out, but she educates her guests in a conversational tone. She suggests items without pressure, keeps a steady pace without rushing and exudes confidence without pomposity. Need a fresh napkin? She's already placed it on the side of the table. Forgot to ask for a new fork? No need. Hart has stealthily replaced it while sharing a witty anecdote about the heirloom tomatoes. She gives the quintessential fine-dining experience while making her guests feel like they are old friends. It's a delicate dance — one she handles with, yes, grace.

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