Best Service in a Restaurant

Five Bistro

Five is a family affair: Anthony Devoti is the executive chef; his parents, Joe and Bonnie, manage the front of the house. The family vibe extends to guests at Five Bistro, which this summer relocated to the Hill from Forest Park Southeast's Grove neighborhood. Whether you're dining there as a couple or, as someone of our acquaintance recently did, with more than a dozen of your girlfriends, the Devotis will make sure you are comfortable, the better to enjoy the delicious fare prepared by their son and his chef de cuisine, Cory Shupe. Your meal, as your server likely will inform you with pride, is made with fresh, local ingredients, once again part of the Devotis' desire to bring restaurant, providers and customers into one community. If none of that impresses you, consider this practicality: Our acquaintance and her fourteen friends asked for (you guessed it) fifteen separate checks, a request granted without batting an eye.

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