Best Service in a Restaurant

Eleven Eleven Mississippi

It was New Year's Eve 2003. Four friends with no plans for ringing in <\#213>04, other than to do it together, to do it casual, but to do it right. One pipes up about this new place, Eleven Eleven Mississippi, in Lafayette Square. She manages to snag a late reservation. The foursome converges upon Eleven Eleven with good cheer and high hopes. These hopes are exceeded, thanks not only to innovatively executed cuisine, but also to service that's swift, suave and smooth. A small, smartly attired fleet of waiters and runners and bussers and managers flit in and out with professional ease, knowing just what specials to recommend, which wines to crack open. Our merrymaking quartet is hooked. And so they return, again and again, sometimes for lunch, sometimes for dinner, always with the promise of another lovely visit met.
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