Best Server

Stephanie Dotson, Tangerine

Think Thora Birch in Ghost World: self-possessed and surly, yet ... well ... darling. That's Stephanie Dotson, who waits tables and bartends at Tangerine and, to our thinking, is St. Louis' best waitress. Her demeanor is all don't-fuck-with-me, yet she works a busy Friday-night floor with finesse and can be relied upon to tell the truth about menu specials. If you catch her seeming particularly hassled, she may confide to you how bitchy that other table is being, thereby not having to admit that you, in fact, are part of her problem. Oh, and she's got a seemingly endless collection of boots, tights, short skirts and geisha-girl tops (all in black) that she puts together in ever-changing ensembles.

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