Best Selection Of Barbecue Sauces

Bandana's Bar-B-Q

There will be peace and stability in Northern Ireland long before people can agree what makes the best barbecue. Do you like it wet or dry? Beef or pork? Sweet or spicy? Now, as far as a good selection of barbecue sauces at the table goes, the answer is simple. Over at Bandana's, they've got three very different sauces ready for your mealtime experimentation, plus one more in the back. The Original has a mustard base and a distinct ochre color. It's strong with vinegar and very tangy. The thick-and-tangy Sweet flavor is the most popular. Spicy is a thinner sauce, probably best used in combination with one of the other sauces. Hot, which is stored in a refrigerator and must be specially requested, is just the original mixed with pepper sauce -- the aftertaste is hot but not overwhelming. The Hot variety is probably best when mixed with another sauce, too. It's fun to combine the sauces in various ways, though that's practically sacrilege with Bandana's ribs -- they're slow-smoked till they're pink on the inside and delicious dry. Try the fried corn, too.

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