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Three years ago, Flavia Moore launched Crawling Crab out of her home kitchen as a way to earn some extra money to take her daughter to Disney World. She thought she’d get some orders here and there; what she wasn’t prepared for was a response so overwhelming that she’d quit her day job and go all in as a restaurateur. Last August, Moore set up shop inside Pagedale’s 24:1 Café, using the daytime restaurant’s kitchen by night as both a commissary and storefront. Not long thereafter, she became so popular the 24:1 folks turned over the operation to her entirely, converting the breakfast and lunch spot into a seafood feast fit for Neptune himself. Moore is known for her massive platters of buttery shellfish, kissed with herbs and garlic; crab, lobster and shrimp are served alongside potatoes, corn and sausage that’s akin to a Cajun seafood boil. If you want the full Crawling Crab experience, however, order the seafood mac and cheese, which is laden with crabmeat and six kinds of cheese. This buttery custard — which, like all of Moore’s food, translates perfectly to takeout — is the comfort we need these days. — Cheryl Baehr

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