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Saint Louis Science Center's Amazing Challenge

Teams of two, racing around the world, solving puzzles and completing challenges, relying on their wits to win the prize: That's the premise of the hit CBS reality game show The Amazing Race. If you've ever muttered to your fellow armchair traveler, "We could do that," then lace up your running shoes and sign up for the Saint Louis Science Center's Amazing Challenge. In this local version of the spot-hopping competition, participants follow clues to locations, where they complete physical and mental challenges. In this scavenger hunt, you don't find objects — you find out where to go next! No cell phones, GPS devices or cars are allowed, meaning racers get to know the city using public transit, and they must use their energy and the kindness of strangers to get ahead. No other local event so embodies the spirit of The Amazing Race in encouraging creativity and endurance while showing off our city's wonders. Though its organizers may not agree, this event is only as G-rated as you make it, so we recommend talkin' a little trash and dabbling in misdirection and alliances. It's all fun — but it's also a race!

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