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G&W Meat & Bavarian Style Sausage Company

It has been said that Bavaria is the Texas of Germany: big, likes to lord it over other states that it was once an independent country, has citizens who have a penchant for wearing silly hats to show state pride. (You know those peaky little hats with a feather in the brim? Bavarian!) It also has a reputation for making some damn fine meat. But while Texas is all about beef, Bavaria is all about the sausage. So the fact that G&W Meat advertises itself as a "Bavarian Style Sausage Company" is an extremely good sign, and this family-run factory/shop in Tower Grove South lives up to that promise. The many wursts in G&W's meat case are made according to old family recipes that go back to the Fatherland itself. Because they are sausages, we've never bothered to inquire too closely about what, exactly, goes into those natural casings (except for the liverwurst, which is self-explanatory), but we'll accept the butchers' assurance that it's the finest-quality meat, not only because we're a bit cowardly about our offal, but because the finished product tastes so good. The casings have the right snap when you bite into them, and the innards are perfectly spiced and juicy. Over the years, G&W has branched out and started experimenting with the sausages of other nations: Polish sausage, chorizo, salsiccia, hot dogs. (There are also chicken sausages, for those who don't eat swine.) Feel free to experiment, because G&W offers generous monthly specials if you sign up for its e-mail list. And if you bring them meat, say, a freshly dispatched deer, they'll do the messy work of turning it into venison sausage for you!

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