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Snarf's blew into town this year from Boulder, Colorado, and blew out the many other fast-casual sandwich joints around town. The secret to Snarf's success? Keep the boring ol' cold cuts to a minimum. In their stead are juicy steak, tender prime rib and smoked beef brisket that would pass muster at most barbecue joints. Take the eggplant Parmesan off its bread and it would beat any Italian restaurant's, hands down. Whatever you order, be sure to top it with the restaurant's signature hot peppers, spicy and puckeringly pungent. This is actually the second time Snarf's has set up shop in St. Louis. A first attempt last decade didn't make it. It's hard to fathom why. If the quality and popularity of the Delmar Loop Snarf's is any indication, this time next year there'll be another dozen in town.

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