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Panini have become so commonplace in restaurants, delis and even the home kitchen that only the very best are worth mentioning. So do forgive us if we go on — and on — about the panini at this cozy corner deli in Benton Park. First of all, they're grilled just right: The bread is crisp but not burnt; the interior oozes cheese but is flavorful rather than merely molten. What's more, the pairings are perfect: mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto; chicken, artichoke hearts and fontina cheese; roast beef, sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar. You still dismiss panini as a cliché? Fine. McLozzi has a sandwich for you, too. The "Pestalozzi" is a tasty update on the Reuben, with chipotle cole slaw, and the "Gobbler" is Thanksgiving dinner in one not-so-tidy package. If you're lucky, someone will order panini while you're waiting for your sandwich, and you can see and smell just how delicious a cliché can be.

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