Best Sandwich

The Celestial

Brian and Brendan Marsden's Mirasol didn't just arrive on the St. Louis dining scene in the spring of 2004, it fairly exploded. Bright, brilliant, exciting and sexy, the dishes at this Nuevo Latino hotspot never cease to amaze. Better yet, Mirasol is open for lunch -- good God, one could eat there twice in one day! -- and one of its signature sandwiches, the Celestial, is just as heavenly as the name implies. Like many items on the restaurant's can't-miss menu, the Celestial is a triumph of simplicity: duck-and-pork meatballs, red onion, Chihuahua cheese and a panca pepper sauce, nestled between two warm slices of French bread. The combination is divine -- the spicy heft of the meatballs playing against the cool crunch of the onions; the tangy cheese and fiery pepper sauce melting into a glorious muddle. Pair the Celestial with Mirasol's fresh fruit salad and a side of sweet-salty plantain chips, and you've got a lunch that deserves its own star on Delmar's Walk of Fame.
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