Best Sammiches

Iron Barley

Some say the best sandwiches are those whose bread is entirely incidental to the flavorful fill. The best sammiches, found only at Iron Barley in south St. Louis, follow this same rule, and raise it a pile of chips. The hearty innards of these tasty local heroes are supercharged with the gusto of chef/owner Tom Coghill's smokin' grills and skillets. Even the Veggie Reuben Sammich tastes meaty. Some of the names take a little deciphering from the helpful wait staff, though. Like, what's a Hill Pig Sammich? Italian ham, of course! And the Ballistic Elvis Sammich? We're not going to spoil your taste buds' surprise by describing what's in that house specialty, but you will be singing along with the King for dessert.
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