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The great Western philosopher Marshall Mathers once declared, "My salsa makes all the pretty girls want to dance." With all due respect to Señor Shady, the most delicious, most danceworthy salsa can be found at only one place: Nachomama's. This colorful Rock Hill eatery offers some of the best Tex-Mex food in the area, and the freshly made salsa — available in mild, medium and farewell-to-taste-buds — is the perfect complement to absolutely anything on the menu. Unlike the thick salsas found at lesser taco stops, Nachomama's salsa is thin, and it tastes of freshly juiced tomatoes rather than tinned tomato paste. The salsa is flecked with zesty bits of onion and jalapeño pepper — a nice touch reminiscent of the excellent, fiery pico de gallo found at all too many restaurants. Whether you apply the salsa to Nachomama's amazing fish burritos, fabulously fresh spinach quesadillas or just-plain-tasty chicken tacos, you'll be very, very happy. (Dancing is optional.)
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