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Octopus Salad at Olio

Nowhere in the definition of "salad" is there a requirement that said dish contain leafy greens. (For reals, we checked Wikipedia and everything, so it's legit.) We add this clarification in anticipation of the barrage of comments we will get for choosing Olio's worthy-but-lettuce-free octopus salad. Allow us to explain. The octopus salad is typical of much of Olio's fare: a light, simple dish that can work as a snack or light meal, or that can be shared as part of a larger lunch or dinner. The flavors are clean and fresh, and the contrast in textures between the chickpeas, edamame and perfectly cooked octopus is as interesting as the combination of flavors. The "dressing" is a small pool of kefir yogurt in which the salad sits. Its fermented tang lingers on your tongue. It is cooling, refreshes the palate and satisfies those looking for a lighter option. If that doesn't define the perfect salad, then we don't know what does.

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