Best Salad

The Good Pie

Mama always told you to eat your spinach, and, like a brat, you never listened. But it's not all your fault -- had your mother prepared a spinach salad like the one that the Neapolitan pizza maestros at the Good Pie make, you'd be pulling a Popeye for the green stuff. The Good Pie serves its spinach salad with Gorgonzola and red onion with a tangy vinaigrette, but its not-so-secret weapon comes in the guise of thick, warm pillows of pancetta. Adding bacon to a spinach salad is old news, but likening bacon bits to pancetta is akin to comparing a snowflake to a goddamn avalanche. You'll scarf down the salad with no thoughts of daintiness and forget, for a moment, that you came to the Good Pie for the pizza.

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