Best Romantic Getaway

New Harmony Inn

New Harmony, Ind., 812-682-4491

First, forget the clichés. Beaches and fruity drinks, furtive hideaway motels, decadent opulence. Who wants one of those sunken Roman tubs in the room anyway -- it's humid, and the marble's slippery. Instead, tryst in unlikely peace at the New Harmony Inn. The plain Shaker furniture may look austere at first -- until you realize the possibilities of those high Shaker beds -- and the quiet might rack your hepped-up nerves -- until you fill it with bliss. There's a glassed-in pool where you can float on your backs and watch the snowflakes fall. There's gourmet dinner at the famous Red Geranium restaurant and a carriage ride with slow stubborn Willie, an old draft horse who gives you plenty of time to neck. One proviso: The inn fills up months in advance. But planned pleasure is every bit as sexy as spontaneity.

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