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The Fantasy Shop

Let's face it: You hate your job. No, you loathe your job. How did it come to this? You had dreams when you were young, an imagination that made even the tedium of school bearable. And now? Staff meetings, fluorescent lighting and a cubicle have laid waste to your once-flourishing inner world. You'd quit yesterday if it weren't going to cost you 30 grand. And what you do then -- become a pirate? You could, you know, and you wouldn't have to quit to make it happen. RPG, my friend: Role Playing Games. Reawaken your slumbering imagination and return to the fantastic realms of your youth! For $60 you could buy a basic system and embark on great adventures. But what to get? Head to the Fantasy Shop in Maplewood. The staff'll help you out, and they seem to carry every RPG known to man. From the great granddaddy of them all, Dungeons & Dragons, to sci-fi cult faves like RIFTS and Paranoia to zombie/horror simulations to large-scale tactical war games, the Fantasy Shop has everything and every world you could ever want to visit. The shop is a Games Workshop-approved store, which means it stocks a huge selection of Warhammer- and Warhammer 40K-related games, miniatures, paints and scenery. Trust us: It's much easier to face the stultifying monotony of Monday morning when in your head you're reliving Friday night's Corpsegrinder Marine assault on the hiveworld gangers. Aarrrrrr, matey.
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