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Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center

The Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center embodies the best possible interpretation of the original "punk" ethic: interesting, artistic, against the grain. With a schedule of shows that cleave strongly to these ideals, it's no surprise that the posters created to advertise LNAC bands hew to paths less traveled. While many bands make their own unique flyers, the LNAC has three "in-house" artists who create larger, more graphically intensive posters for select shows. Stephen Inman, Robert Mayfield and Jeremy Kannappel have all made posters for Lemp shows, and each of them is capable of making a piece that goes beyond the basic needs of the rock-show poster and enters into the realm of fine art. This trio creates strange images, dark talismans pulled up from the subconscious that catch eyes from a great distance (the primary purpose of any gig poster). Against the ever-tattered wallpaper of black-and-white photocopies that peels from the city's walls, Lemp posters are doorways into another world populated by menacing beings and a stark sense of fantastic wonder. Which, come to think of it, is not a bad description for the world of the Lemp itself.
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