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Afternoon Delight

Even if it was ill-advised for Loverboy's Mike Reno to wear those form-fitting red leather pants, he was right about at least one thing: Everybody's working for the weekend. In fact, by midday Wednesday we're dragging, weighed down by our cubicle walls, the too-close proximity of our co-workers and the thought of two and a half looooooooong days till we're finally set free from occupational drudgery. But for two glorious hours on Wednesday afternoons, we're able to forget our bland office existence via KDHX (88.1 FM)'s Afternoon Delight. Hosted by Jeff Hess since May 2000, the show is known for its free-form playlists—ones that often mimic the glory days of FM radio, judging from the touches of psychedelic rock, Nuggets-era garage gems and British Invasion innovators. What makes the show so special is how the past collides seamlessly with the present—genre be damned. A new Sonic Youth noodler or Dresden Dolls avant-garde piece might be followed by a disco-tastic ELO tune or a synthpop hit; moody goth murmurs from Siouxsie & the Banshees could coexist with lush indie rock or a shiny power-pop number from Sloan. Now that hosts archived streams of the show, we can listen to Afternoon Delight on Monday morning and bring the elusive, faraway weekend that much closer.
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