Best Rock Radio DJ

Mark Klose

There are two types of DJ: the new version, front and center now, superstars to the beautiful people in clubs worldwide; and the old-school radio jock, an invisible presence playing music and selling stuff. If you're lucky you get a radio personality who functions like a buddy you can get together with and listen to tunes while you're advertised to. That's pretty much the Mark Klose effect. Klose, the 2-to-6-p.m. weekday talent for classic rock good-guys K-HITS (KIHT 96.3 FM), has been in radio 30 years and exudes nothing but ease with the medium. And when it comes to selling whatever you got, the man is the undisputed master; the Klose testimonial ad is a thing of spontaneous beauty. Whether he's shilling string cheese or car washes, this pitch Svengali makes you believe the product's holy buzz. We bestowed this accolade on fellow heavy K-HITter Radio Rich Dalton two years back. The time's come to give Mark Klose his props.
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