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So maybe Fubar doesn't have the word "rock" in sparkly letters above its two stages. And its concert lineup is mostly riddled with bands that claim to be punk, hardcore and metal. But it's all rock & roll, man. Really, these are all subgenres of rock and, for our money, Fubar has had the best lineup this past year. Face to Face, 7 Seconds, D.R.I., Anvil, Pig Destroyer and Japan-based Ultra Bide are just a few groups to recently play this midtown venue that brings in bands other "rock" clubs won't touch. The building's two bars are nothing to sneeze at either, with the lounge side hosting smaller, riskier gigs, while the main stage houses groups with a little more visibility. Fubar will often host a double-header with two shows playing simultaneously. Don't like the concert you came to see? Stroll on over to the other side.

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