Best Rock Band

The Feed

Like most genre tags, "rock" is a tricky appellation. It's normally used as a catchall for guitar-based, straight-ahead pop music with an emphasis on speed and volume. Local trio the Feed has a few of those key components — speed and volume are just two of the tools in the band's arsenal — but there's not a guitar in earshot. Dave Grelle leads the group with his trusty Fender Rhodes piano, a few modern keyboards and a bunch of effect pedals, while drummer Kevin Bowers and bassist/saxophonist Ben Reece drop elements of funk, soul and jazz into the pot. The Feed's debut full-length should be upon us soon; until then scout out one of the band's never-disappointing live shows, watch the guys jump boundaries and conventions, and let them remind you that rock & roll is about breaking borders, not being confined by them.

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