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Riddle of Steel

[Script treatment for Again, This Is Spinal Tap: Gettin' the Band Back Together. The following exchange takes place between Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins, again played by Christopher Guest and Michael McKean, respectively.]
Tufnel: So, right, I was at Stonehenge the other day, gettin ideas for our new stage extravaganza, and I ran into these chaps taking photos there for their MySpace page. I believe they call themselves Riddle of Steel.
St. Hubbins: Eh? Like the Dungeons & Dragons-esque nerd-troll thing? Or are they Druids?
Tufnel: No, David like the American rock band. They opened for Fishbone earlier this year in Europe, but theyre more...rock. Stoner- rock. I could splice up a spliff and be quite satisfied. Queens of the Stone Age, Year of the Rabbit, Van Halen. Thats who they told me they love.
St. Hubbins: Ah! So their amps go up to eleven! Why, they must be just like us!
Tufnel: [Whispers] Except they also like prog-rock! And the Police! [Resumes normal voice] Yes, exactly! And theyve had drummer problems too! Nobody spontaneously combusted, but only in the recent times have they found a permanent one, Rob. I hear hes amazing. Quite energetic, to go along with bassist Jimmys monster low-end and vocalist Andrews killer riffs and yowling voice.
St. Hubbins: Are they playing over here soon?
Tufnel: Not quite soon. But Im surprised you havent heard them their shows are becoming legendary around town for being loud face- melting and brain-bending I believe are the terms thrown about. And with a new album coming out in November they recorded with Paul Malinowski of Shiner, another large rock band why, perhaps weve found our opening act on this new tour. We could bill it as Spinal vs. Steel. Riddle of the Tap: Let There be Rock.
St. Hubbins: Hmmm. Perhaps.
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