Best Roast Beef Sandwich

Pickles Deli

Catering as it does to the metro area's most cosmopolitan population, the Central West End has always been a decent place to sample global cuisine. But the lowly American deli sandwich? Not so much. Which is why it came as such welcome news last year that meat lovers Tim Metz and Sean Olson had decided to debut Pickles Deli, and even better news that they sampled no fewer than fifteen different cold-cut roast beefs before deciding on the medium-rare version that's become a mainstay of their menu. Sliced extra-thick and piled higher than you'd ever dare try at home, the pink hunks o' meat come assembled-to-order with the bread and toppings of your choice. Feeling conventionally American? Stick to rye with mayo. Feeling worldly? Try the warm, sweet pretzel roll. And don't forget to thank Metz and Olson for putting roast beef back on the CWE map.

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