Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays

Casa don Alfonso

Staff Pick

Casa don Alfonso (100 Carondelet Plaza; 314-719-1496) impresses from the moment you walk in. Located inside the Ritz-Carlton, the restaurant is sure to wow any date. The only downside? The cheapest item on the menu is an $11 soup, and the Maine Lobster runs $64. It’s far from the most expensive place in town, but it’s not exactly a budget pick. An upside? It’s extremely worth it. Specialties of Italian cuisine shine here, and any item you order will just melt in your mouth. On the menu are classics, such as pizza, pasta and lasagna, but there’s also seafood if you’re looking for the catch of the day. Truly, the spot is one of St. Louis’ newest gems. Casa don Alfonso is worth the money even if you can’t find someone else to pay. Go ahead, splurge. You won’t regret it. —Jenna Jones
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