Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays


Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries — when an occasion is a big deal a savory meal is always a good idea, especially when the moment is all about you, and your wallet stays firmly in pocket. When someone asks, "Where should we go?" don't be afraid to aim your bow and arrow for something upscale like Clayton bull's-eye Niche. With a menu that boasts $11 escargot as hors d'oeuvres, $36 oysters, $23 boulliabaisse stew and a $15 brasserie burger for kids, it's best to come hungry. Save room for beverages — the wine selection ranges from the frugal bottles ($32) to the flamboyant ($179). Niche is priced so you won't feel uncomfortable scanning the charges before splurging on a nice three-course meal, and its chic Parisian atmosphere carries right on through to brunch.

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