Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays


A double-dip recession is likely, maybe imminent, maybe already here. That means conspicuous consumption is out for another year. How long is that now? Two years? Three? That is a long time to go without a visit to Tony's, the restaurant synonymous with over-the-top fine dining in St. Louis. Tony's might have loosened its weekday dress code (tie optional, but most men still wear jackets), but Vince Bommarito and company have maintained their high standards in both the kitchen and dining room. That comes with a price, however. Beef tenderloin topped with foie gras and a port demiglace — prepared tableside! — is the sort of indulgence that can elevate a bad day, week or even month, but it will also set you back almost 40 clams, and that's without appetizer, salad, beverage or dessert. And if you have to ask what caviar service costs.... Do you really want to deny yourself these luxuries for another twelve months? The next time you deserve a reward for your birthday, graduation, promotion or discovering your husband's "happy ending" massages, insist only on the finest. And if your husband has in fact been having those "happy ending" massages, definitely order the caviar.

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