Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays


Is there a compliment more backhanded than to say a restaurant is the best — but only when someone else pays? What does that even mean? It means the restaurant is likely opulent. It's a good spot, exotic, perhaps, and definitely an experience worthy of consideration — but only if you're not the one forking over the cash. Well, let's dispel that myth right now. In Pomme, owners Diane and Bryan Carr have created a bistro of such cozy charm that walking into the small restaurant is almost like entering the dining room of an old friend — an old friend who is a fabulous cook, that is. From a dish of shelled mussels that's brought to your table, then doused in a delicate broth, to a simple duck confit with apples and Cognac, each creation is a study in culinary honesty. You'll find no 40-ingredient experiments in gastronomic alchemy at Pomme. Instead you'll find carefully chosen flavors that are allowed to shine forth in all their unmuddled glory. Priceless? Hardly. Everything on Pomme's menu comes at a price. But you know what? It's worth every penny — no matter who happens to pay.
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