Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays


"Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act which should not be indulged in lightly," proclaims Monarch's Web site. To which we would add, "or with your own money." There are competing theories on milking your patron. The first is to order light, with the hope that you're jumping on a gravy train that'll provide repeated free grub. The other approach is to shoot your wad once and stuff your face. We suggest the latter. The chilled lobster and asparagus is aces, the bouillabaisse en croute as rich as Sugar Dad's wallet. Steak? Mais oui: Grilled strip loin, a bargain—at least for you—at $28. Dessert? Do you have to ask? For wine, we recommend the Box Car pinot noir from the Russian River Valley. A mere $48—Daddy will thank you for being so thrifty.
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