Best Restaurant When Someone Else Pays

King Louie's

You are a cowboy. Daring. Adventurous. Rugged. Poor. So while the lusty cut of bone-in rib eye known at King Louie's as the cowboy steak is practically your birthright, its $38 price tag dictates that you rope in a richer rancher than yourself to cover your meal come check-wranglin' time. So long as your dining pardner appreciates the finer things in life -- like sea scallops au gratin, a fat and flaky monkfish or a panna cotta/pot de crème double-whammy dessert -- that shouldn't be too hard. There's a reason King Louie's is one of the most-loved restaurants in town. In fact, your companion might be so impressed as to treat you to a $10 Louie's 75 martini. Because, Cowboy, as you yourself know, you are a king.
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