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Restaurants Growing Their Own Food

While the phrase "farm-to-table" became so ubiquitous it lost all meaning, an increasing number of local chefs are introducing "backyard-to-table" or "rooftop-garden-to-table" at their establishments. In the last year, the number of chefs who planted their own vegetables, herbs, edible flowers and fruits just steps away from their kitchens has exploded. They're doing it in all kinds of interesting ways, from the aeroponic towers at Vin de Set to the restaurant-scrap-fed beds at Schlafly Bottleworks. The practice guarantees unparalleled freshness and an opportunity for all-star chefs — like Rick Lewis at Quincy Street Bistro and Kevin Nashan at Sidney Street Cafe — to play around with recipes that use whatever happens to be looking particularly enticing that day. It's also an entertaining experience for diners to be able to meander over and see precisely where their dinner just came from.

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