Best Restaurant to Die in the Past Year

Caribbean Sun

There's no comprehending the restaurateuring gods. There's no pleasing them and no use questioning them. There's no good reason Caribbean Sun shuttered its doors this summer after all of a year-ish in business. There was nothing bad to be said about Caribbean Sun's oxtail stew, jerk chicken, saltfish or escovitch. (Yes, aside from the jerk chicken, these are not the most popular dishes when it comes to pleasing Midwesterners' palates, but we come around to most things, given time.) There's no lack of experience to point to regarding chef/owner Prince Philip, a Jamaican native (who plays in a reggae band, for chrissakes!) who spent eighteen years cooking at Blueberry Hill before opening his restaurant. He offered fine food at fair prices, late-night entertainment, Red Stripe beer and plenty of parking. All of it at the intersection of Olive Boulevard and Kingsland Avenue in U. City, mere steps from the Loop—yet evidently too far away to attract sufficient attention. We can only hope Philip will come back strong.
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