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Folks often knock before entering the restrooms at Savor, the global-cuisine emporium that opened this past spring in the Central West End. Sometimes they'll even call out "Hello?" as they cautiously push the door open. That may seem odd, given that Savor's bathrooms are multi-stalled. But the tentative entrance owes to the fact that they're chaperoning in a member of the opposite sex just so he/she can gasp at and bask in the lavatory's lavish splendor. Savor may be the most opulently tricked-out restaurant in all of St. Louis, but the bathrooms, located adjacent to one another on the second floor, take the proverbial cake. They look like the result of a lusty three-way between a Pier 1, Vegas' Luxor Hotel and the Taj Mahal. Imagine Hemingway living the fierce life in the African jungle, or Tennessee Williams reveling away the days in Key West. Velvet-upholstered settees, slatted-wood stall doors that go all the way down to the floor, fireplaces (!) -- these loos will make you feel like a loser for living in a futon-and-milk-crate pigsty. It's worth going in and ordering a Singapore sling at the bar just so you can later drain it out in these most divine of surroundings.
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