Best Restaurant for Vegetarians

Lulu's Local Eatery

Staff Pick

Vegetarian living in St. Louis used to be difficult; after all, this is a city raised on pork butt. That's been changing in recent years, as more and more restaurants offer a smorgasbord of vegetarian options or serve up nothing but plant food. But with its inspired, locally sourced meals, Lulu's Local Eatery leads them all. Originally just a food truck, Lulu's brick-and­-mortar storefront has proven that it can create mouth­watering deliciousness out of nothing more than some cauliflower and hot sauce. It doesn't stop there, with plant­-based meals including a sweet-potato black­-bean burger, a spring-roll burrito and a barbecued jackfruit sandwich that will make you swear on your mama's life that you're eating pulled pork. This isn't just food that vegetarians can eat; this is culinary genius that vegetarians and meat-eaters alike can savor. 3201 South Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, 63118. 314-300-8215,
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