Best Restaurant for Vegetarians

Frida's Deli

Frida's Deli caters not only to vegetarians but to healthy eaters of all kinds. With an extensive menu including vegan, raw, gluten-free, soy-free and oil-free items — which are all clearly labeled on the menu — people will rejoice and easily find something that satisfies their diets. Vegetarians need only throw a dart at the menu to find a stellar meal, as everything at Frida's is meat-free. Frida's Deli features original recipes like faux-steak tacos made from seitan and a raw mushroom-walnut burger, as well as classics like a BLT made from tempeh and build-your-own pizzas with vegan thin crust, all at modest prices. In addition to main courses, Frida's also offers a soup of the day, salads, nutritious smoothies and fresh juices. Frida's Deli has done so well since it opened last July that it recently acquired new space, which will triple the current size of the restaurant. Bless.

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