Best Restaurant for Ladies Who Lunch

Home Wine Kitchen

Living in a time and place so filled with pointless errands, nagging obligations and endlessly ringing mobile devices mean that a long, leisurely lunch out with a friend or three is a rare, longed-for luxury, like a massage or a day at the spa. Obviously, then, the arising of such an occasion must be celebrated with wine. No coincidence that "Wine" is Home Wine Kitchen's middle name. The list is organized so you don't need to know any more about wine than what you like — and if you don't know even that much, the friendly servers are always there to help. Chef/owner Cassy Vires' ever-changing menu ranges from salads to "jars and toast" (featuring housemade jams and spreads) to a truly decadent cheeseburger. There's no better place to catch up on news and gossip with your besties. If you go during the week, rest assured that no one will ever rush your reminiscin' — unless you count one of your gang's cell phones, ringing to summon somebody to the next order of business for the day.

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