Best Restaurant for Ladies Who Lunch

Robust Wine Bar & Café

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
A tale of ladies who lunch,
That started from Ladue and Frontenac,
And became the Robust bunch.

A turkey sandwich was had by all,
Side salads on each plate.
No one ordered Robust's bread pudding,
For they were watching their weight, they were watching their weight.

Acoustic music set the mood,
No need to wheel and deal.
They lingered until the place cleared out,
It became a three-hour meal, a three-hour meal.

Robust made ordering wines a breeze by using a special system,
With Bubbles,
The Crisp, too,
The Mellow and Luscious,
The Soft Hearted,
And The Rest (Generous, Robust, Sweet and Stickies),
There at Robust.

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