Best Restaurant for a First Date

Newstead Tower Public House

It's an accepted fact that victory is attractive. But what of the poor skill-less souls for whom winning doesn't come all that naturally? How should that kind of player hope to get some play? Well, that kind of player should schedule a first date on a Wednesday at Newstead Tower Public House. Not only is the gastropub's menu uniformly delicious, meaning there is no risky food choice that will leave you hungry and regretful (classic burgers, their vegetarian mushroom sandwich equivalents and the ilk), but Wednesday is Bingo Night. When your odds for having one of your numbers called are always a pretty healthy one in three, and the prize is almost always beers, well, everyone wins. Even if you defy the odds and don't win, you and your date can bond over calling the too-tan cougar who did win an asshole. Ah, bingo: The seed for true love's beautiful flower.

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