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Whereas some folks prefer linen tablecloths and four different-size forks, others go for a linoleum counter and a squeeze bottle of mustard. For the latter, let-it-all-hang-out crowd, Woofie's has an unusual charm. The Fotomat-size hotdog stand must be recognized for its superlative collection of signed photos of local media personalities on the wall who have either retired or died or are getting close to one of the above. While you're biting into your Big Daddy or Big Herm Chicago-style dog (with supernaturally bright-green relish and peppers), you can relive those thrilling newscasts of yesteryear -- with the likes of Zip Rzeppa, Donn Johnson, Don Clark and Jim Bolen. Gaze wistfully into the ursine countenance of the late, great Herb "Nightside" Humphries. You can also seek counsel from the picture of Chuck "the Godfather" Norman and ponder the sexy shot of Bob Costas and Dan Dierdorf doing a Lady and the Tramp number on a single dog. Between the photos, laminated fluorescent signs advertise such specialties as the Reuben Dog. Look for the big rotating V (for "Vienna beef") sign near the intersection of Woodson and Brown roads.

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