Best Reporter (TV/Radio Division)

Véronique LaCapra

Decent journalists report the news. Outstanding journalists live the news, relentlessly pursuing every relevant angle. Véronique LaCapra belongs, undoubtedly, in the latter category. St. Louis Public Radio scored a serious coup by hiring LaCapra, a seasoned reporter who happens to have a PhD in ecosystem ecology (and a BA in environmental policy and biology). Not surprisingly, LaCapra's focus is on science stories, and her intellectual curiosity and topnotch reporting allow "science stories" to encompass everything from scoops about groundbreaking breast-cancer research to the plight of endangered wolf pups to the problems caused by growing up in a food desert. This is one journalist who never fails to land the perfect interview and ask the most important questions, and her reports unfold not as ho-hum news items, but rather as mini-documentaries. LaCapra's academic pursuits, career moves and volunteerism have taken her all over the world, from the Brazilian Pantanal to her mother's hometown of Auxerre, France. We are lucky that she now calls St. Louis her home.

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